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A brief biography of the companions of the Prophet: 'Ubadah bin Shamit narrated anhu.

' Ubadah bin Shamit was one of notable Anshar. About Ansar, Brides of ALLAH never said, "If Ansar people down the Valley or Ulya I will definitely go to the valleys and crannies of the hill people of Ansar, and if not for her move, sure I will be one of the Ansar citizens."
In addition to Ansar as citizens, ' Ubadah bin Shamit is one of the leaders in select Brides SAW as envoy representing the House of their relatives. ' Ubadah ra including Ministry of the Ansar who first came to Mecca to lift the bai'at to Brides of ALLAH for Islam, which is famous as the bai'at "Bai'atul ' Aqabah first." He is one of 12 people believe that Islamic States and immediately raised the bai'at, and shake his hand, expressed support and loyalty to Brides SAW.
When the coming Hajj next year, namely the "Bai'atul ' Aqabah both" conducted by the Ministry of the Ansar, which consists of 70 people of faith (men and women), ' Ubadah became figures of messengers and their representatives. Then, moments of struggle, sacrifice and worship susul-following the incessant, then ' Ubadah bin Shamit was never absent and plaques from each event to deliver the shares.
Since he declared God and Apostle as his choice, then all dipikulnya with seabaik responsibility – it's good. All the love and devotion just shed to God Almighty and all relationships, whether with relatives, with allies, as well as with his enemies, just keep the patterns formed by faith and desired norms oeh faith.
Since long ago, families ' Ubadah bin Shamit was bound in a Covenant with the Jewish people of the tribe of Qainuqa ' in Medina. When the Prophet along with his companions migrated to the town, the Jews showed an attitude of peace and friendship of him. However, on the days that came after the battle of Badr and preceding the battle of Uhud, the Jews in Medina started to appear belangnya. One of the tribes of Banu Qainuqa, i.e. their ', membauat his way to cause slander and commotion among the Muslims.
For the sake of visible ' Ubadah bin Shamit, their attitudes and the establishment, as soon as he did the Act which dealt with the membatakan Treaty with them, he said: "I will just follow the command of Allah, his Messenger and the believers ....!"
Not long after, there came the verse of the Qur'an praising stance and his loyalty, Word of God Almighty in surat Al-Maidah verse: 56
It means: "he who makes God and his Messenger as well as people of faith as the leader, then surely the party or the God who attained victory."
' Ubadah bin Shamit initially became Deputy House of the family of the tribe of Khazraj, now risen to one of the pioneers of Islamic character and one of the leaders of the Muslims.
One day, the Rasullah SAW explains the responsibilities of an Amir or guardians. He heard that the Prophet declares that fate will befall those who neglect duty among them or enrich himself with treasure, then her body tremble and her heart shook. He swore to God will not be the head although at two people though. This vow is fulfilled properly and never is not allowed.
Future of Government-Umar ra Believers, a character who had the title Al-Faruq this was not successfully encouraged him to accept a position, except in teaching Muslims and deepen their knowledge in the matter of religion.
Indeed, this is the only business preferred ' Ubadah, distanced himself from the rest of the other efforts that are attributable with material possessions and wealth and power, so any of any dikhawatikan the danger that mara would damage her career and religion. Therefore, he left for Syria along with two comrades seperjuangannya: muadh Ibn Jabal and Abu Darda. There is no other purpose, unless they want to disseminate the knowledge, understanding and guidance in the light of the land.
' Ubadah was also once located in Palestine for some time in carrying out his sacred duty, is currently running the Government while it Mu'aawiyah Khalifah is the name.
While ' Ubadah settled in Syria, although her cooped up in there, but the eyes free off and brooding far there past the boundary, namely to Madinah Al-Munawarah. At that time, the Medina is the capital city and seat of the Islamic Caliphate, that of Umar Ibn Khatthab, a figure that is not equal to none and proverbial. Then gaze back down pelupuk his eyes, i.e. to Palestine, where he lived. I saw him Mua'wiyah Ibn Abu Sufyan, a lover of the world and thirst for power.
' Ubadah included in the groups of pioneers who have been trained by the Islamic prophet Muhammad with his own hands, which has gained plenty of bouncing, light and her greatness. I wish among the people living there that can be highlighted for the sublime pilot as head of Government who is admired by ' Ubadah, and believed, that person is not another prominent people who are in power in Medina, Umar was.
-Mu'minin Umar is one who has a high intelligence and remote view. He always wants the heads of regions not only rely on sheer talent. Against people like Mu'aawiyah and his friends, not allowed to casually without accompanied a number of companions that piety and good deeds, as well as advisers who sincerely. They served dampen the desires are not limited to, and will always remind them of the days and times of the Prophet.
When ' Ubadah is the city of Madinah, Umar asked, "what is it that causes you to here, o ' Ubadah?" ' Ubadah recounts events that occur, such as with Mu'aawiyah, Umar then said, "go back to your place immediately!" very ugly circumstance, a land that did not have people like you. Then to Mu'aawiyah sent also a letter among their contents there is the sentence: "no wewenangmu as amir against ' Ubadah."
Indeed, ' Ubadah became amir for himself. And if ' Umar Al-Faruq himself has glorified someone as high as this, of course, she did a great. And really, ' Ubadah was a big, both because of faith, or because of the steadiness and straight path of his life. In 34 H, wafatlah he in Ramla, Palestine Earth. He was a Deputy picked among representatives of the Ansar religious leaders in particular and Islam in General, by leaving a high example in the arena of life.
Source: the book of the companions of the Messenger of Allaah saws alai'hi wasallam
Publisher: Pustaka Ibn Katheer

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